What this solution can do for your business

With our Cloud application your company can improve the quality of supplier scheduling, anticipating and reducing impacts in the materials provision.

With it, your company can optimize management and control over the entire materials flow process, with real-time visibility of transit and delivery position.

The Cloud Sintel application improves the negotiation conditions with suppliers, providing transparency based on reliable information to drive commercial conditions and in possible disputes about demand variation.

It allows you to measure performance, as well as manage the accuracy of delivery and compliance with the criteria established by your company.
Anticipates ruptures in the receipt of inputs, which would put at risk the production of goods to supply customers.
Allows control over any excess supply of inputs, which helps avoid unnecessary inventory.
  • Firm vision freezing.
  • On time delivery verification.
  • Delivery lead time control.
  • Program variation index, among many other features.

Complete Solution - Material Planning