What this solution can do for your business

Through Sintel's Suppliers Portal, your company can easily and quickly establish communication with its entire suppliers community.

Thus, even smaller suppliers, who do not have an established EDI structure, can easily receive their schedules and issue shipping information (ASN).

With our portal, your company will establish a standard way to manage the relationship with suppliers (scheduling and goods receipt), eliminating manual processes and providing more transparency.

Our portal meets the requirements for electronic communication with the supplier chain, a mandatory criteria defined on the quality programs of the main OEMs.
In manual processes, errors in the receipt of releases are common. Our portal provides an interface to control the releases visualization by the suppliers, which reduces the incidence of disruptions related to misalignments.
  • Web Portal for suppliers' access.
  • Viewing of generated releases
  • ASN issuance functionality.
  • Tracking and monitoring.

Complete Solution - Material Planning