What this solution can do for your business

Our application will help your company to meet the different SLAs required by the OEMs, minimizing the possibility of operational impacts on your customers and even, line stop.

It is a “plug and play” model, therefore, it has minimal interference in your systemic environment.

Aligned with the dynamics of the industry, the application is prepared to support different standards and layouts, as well as to follow the constant evolutions of OEM supply models.

It allows to reduce and avoid errors in the generation of ASNs and labels (layout and content), respecting the multiple models used by the OEMs for the request of inputs (call off).
Being in compliance with the supply criteria demanded by the OEMs is essential to get a good score in Quality Programs. Our application will help you to improve your performance in such programs.
It ensures compliance with customer requirements, reducing the incidence of errors in the process that can generate penalties and compromise your relationship.
Automotive Supply Chain Leverage
+ 400 thousand ASN
Validated by month, avoiding Penalties
+ 1 million
Printed Labels per month
Backorder Reduction
  • ASN formatting and validating.
  • Formatting, validating and issuing labels.
  • Delivery table view.
  • Picking list conference
  • Call-off synchronization

Complete Solution - Customer Service