Sintel Germany GmbH. The new home for Automotive Supply Chain Integration

After Michigan (USA) and Brussels (Belgium), Sintel open its office at a major automotive region.


Over its 30 years of activity in the automotive industry, Sintel has been able to anticipate solutions facing the main dilemmas on Supply Chain Integration.

This skill is crucial at the new digital business era, where Technology departments starts to develop a new role at the organizations, being even more connected to business needs, providing the proper conditions for efficiency.

The digital route of the automotive suppliers starts with a robust and lean Information between the company and its business community. What’s the best value a company can extract with an automated and intelligent information flow?

To help answer that question, Sintel opened a new branch at Munich region. The initiative aims to bring the organization's expertise and technology to the various tiers of suppliers of the automotive chain in order to meet the main challenges of integrating information around the world.


Connections multiply

The digital information flow is a “must” for a global interconnected business, which in turn requires efficient processes and operation in the cloud. 

Sintel already serves customers in Europe, Asia and the United States and understands how this dynamic works in practice: a complex chain with links that must operate in harmony with the automakers and business partners, wherever they may be. Our most important connection is precisely with the needs of our customers. We have success stories from companies that actually experience a productivity gain with reduced TCO in several countries. This demonstrates Sintel’s solution platform fits the most diverse business requirements.

The Automotive Supply Chain has a new home in Germany, where interconnected business worldwide become the new standard, and the local and global has no more boundaries.

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