Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers all your personal information collected by Sintel’s website. Personal information will be used to help your visit to our site as productive and enjoyable as possible. The guarantee of the confidentiality of the personal data is important for Sintel.

All personal information relating to members, subscribers, customers or visitors using Sintel website will be treated in accordance with applicable laws and any other regulations. No data other than those described in this policy will be used in disagreement with user authorization.

This policy is intended to help you understand:

  • How to control your information
  • What information we collect
  • How we use information
  • How we store and secure information
  • Other important privacy information

Personal information, voluntarily provided by visitors through our contact form, includes your name, email, phone number, cell phone number and IP address. These data will be processed and storaged in a datacenter located in the United States (USA) and will be used only for customer contact and prospecting​. You can anytime request your information to be excluded from our contact list, by sending an e-mail with subject “Opt-out Site information”.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies and other tracking technologies (e.g., web beacons, device identifiers and pixels) to provide functionality and to recognize you across different services and devices.

You have the power to turn off your cookies, in the options of your browser, or making changes to your anti-virus program, among other ways. However, this may change how you interact with our site, or other sites linked to our domains. This may or may not affect your ability to log in to programs and sites in our network.

Below is the list of cookies used by the site:

Cookie Name - Your functionality

  • has_js - Checks if the browser accepts javascript
  • _ga - Google Analytics, used to distinguish users
  • _gid - Google Analytics, used to distinguish users
  • _gat - Google Analytics, used to throttle request rate

To protect our legitimate business interests and legal rights, where required by law or where we believe it is necessary to protect our legal rights, interests and the interests of others, we use information in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory, and audit functions.

Links to Third Party Sites

Sintel website has links to other sites which, in our opinion, may contain useful information/tools for our visitors. Our privacy policy is not applied to third party websites, so if you visit another site from our website you should read the its privacy policy. For instance, privacy policy:

Google Analytics:

Security Measures

The following security measures are applied by Sintel:

  • Access to Sintel's site is encrypted by TLS 1.2 (PKCS # 1 SHA-256 With RSA Encryption).
  • All data collected are safeguarded to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.
  • Sintel’s personnel access to data restriction is based on a “need to access principle”.
  • All Sintel’s personnel are subject to a standard NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).
  • Sintel’s personnel are regularly trained on Information Security and Privacy matters.
  • Sintel’s internal processes are regularly audited, with regards to Security and Privacy.
  • Sintel has a Security and Privacy Office, that enforces best practices, law and regulation compliance