Odette Conference 2018: theme is all about Sintel's business model.

The drive to digital: disruption or discovery?

Odette Conference 2018: theme is all about Sintel's business model.

How to obtain the maximum value from the electronic information flow and stay one step closer to the digital transformation? How can IT areas focus on strategic activities that add value to the business, once the daily routine consumes time and operational effort beyond the necessary?

If you are looking for solutions to these dilemmas, know that you are not the only one. Because of that, the Odette Conference 2018, in Lille, France, will bring the theme of how automakers and n-Tier Suppliers must organize themselves to respond quickly to the fundamental changes brought by digital transformation.

Sintel believes that the next few years will be decisive for the future of the automotive industry. Sintel has been dedicating itself to performance improvement projects with a proven cost reduction. During the Odette Conference, we will discuss how technology can boost business results and how IT professionals have an essential part in the process of making the supply chain more connected.

The basis for the results Sintel has been bringing to its clients is an integrated platform that provides visibility into management and decision making with the agility the business needs.

Odette is an international organization that contributes for the standardization of supply chain tools, including containers, bar code labels, file transfer protocols and EDI messages. Sintel's participation in the event comes as it celebrates the opening of a new office in Munich, Germany, becoming even closer to the major decision-making centers of the automotive industry in Europe. Read more

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