What this solution can do for your business

Sintel’s Information Flow Management solutions enable scalability in communication with partners in the automotive industry.

With our EDI Services, your company can count on a secure environment for communication and information integration.

Our EDI Cloud provides a 24/7 cloud Platform hosted in the US, covering the 5 continents.

With our outsourcing services, your company reduces costs and risks of the operation by the management of a company 100% focused on serving the automotive sector.

Complete Solution - Information Flow Management

In order to your business to take full advantage of our Information Flow Management

Information Flow Management EDI Services Services
A comprehensive environment that integrates your company to automotive sector partners.
Information Flow Management Cloud EDI Services
Cloud platform for automotive information flow management with global coverage.
Information Flow Management EDI BPO Services
Outsourcing of activities and management of your company’s information flow in the automotive sector.