AGC Glass Europe has adopted an innovative EDI model with Information Flow Management Services, increasing responsiveness to business requirements and reducing operational issues whilst reducing the TCO. Watch now and learn how was the experience of the executives involved in the Project.




 So fast, so good

How Reflexallen adopted an EDI model that fits into its global operation needs 

 Everyday, many of heavy vehicle manufacturers in the world relies on Reflexallen the mission of providing safe-critical components. The company founded in 1988 is organized in five divisions: Pneumatic, Electrical, Fluid Power, Safety Devices and Special Composites.

As a result of a fast expansion around the world, Reflexallen started its operation in Brazil in 2015 – a brand new market for the company indeed. At that time, the need of counting on a partner capable to guarantee the quality of information flow throughout the carmakers and tier 2 suppliers was crucial for the project. With the experienced support from Sintel, the challenge of integrating the IT environment with a range of all-new customers in South America happened the way Reflexallen was looking for: fast and efficiently.

Global provider

Because of the success achieved with Brazilian project, Reflexallen decided to entrust Sintel the mission of being its global provider. Migrating to Sintel's platform was made step by step, considering the singularities of each OEM. Sintel was able to correct and even stablish new processes to ensure the quality of the information end to end, concluding the project with no impact.

“Sintel was the only company that demonstrated ability to understand the moment of rapid global expansion of Reflexallen, and turn it into a solution able to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.” (Daniel Zini ICT Group Manager)

Sintel embraced the challenge of gathering all processes and business requirements practiced by Reflexallen’s customers in order to identify any specifities that could impact the quality of obtained information.

Reflexallen now counts on consistent and reliable information and has improved the quality of its operation and customer services.

 Fast and smart: the Sintel way

Leading the migration of the then EDI provider to the Sintel environment was made with transparency and minimal impact.

3 months | migration with no impact

30 different formats | of inbound and outbound  message 

11 OEMs | implemented 

About Reflexallen

  • Headquarter | Modena, Italy
  • Branches in 5 continents
  • Five divisions and business lines