We connect, you go forward

Sintel was born within the automotive industry, and throughout its three decades of existence, it has been incorporating in its solutions
efficient ways to withstand the intense dynamics of the sector.

Comprehensive Solutions to Leverage your Business

Sintel solutions are designed to connect your organization to the automotive supply chain, enabling processes that promote greater quality and efficiency in the operation of your company. 

We combine deep knowledge in the automotive industry with a robust, reliable and high-availability technological environment. All of that in order to enable your business to follow market trends, always aligned to the needs and dynamics of this industry.

We are connected to the challenges of our customers, and we are committed to making your company advance more and better.

Three Decades of Expertise in Automotive Supply Chain Processes

Over the course of three decades, Sintel has been developing a deep knowledge in the integration of automotive supply chain processes.

Through an integrated platform, based on the electronic flow of information, we promote a more agile, intelligent and profitable operation for your organization.

We are the partner that accompanies the growth of your business with proposals which are sustainable, flexible and totally tuned to the modus operandi of your company.

What SIntel can do for your business

No matter what stage of development your company is in, Sintel has the right option to meet the most varied operating profiles.

We act as a link in the production chain, placing our broad understanding of industry rules in the service of process optimization and facilitating the management of the relationship between OEM and the supply chain.

Agility in incorporating changes and solutions in accordance to international standards in the industry make Sintel an integral part of the operation of its customers.