Sintel provides a global multilateral solution platform that attends and integrates the various tiers of the Automotive Supply Chain,
combining the best of technology with the best business practices in this sector.

Managing and controlling your information flow in a process sensitive operation to hit the SLAs required by the industry. 
Integrating your SAP system according to OEM’s business requirements. Ensure fast adaptations in accordance with the needs of the business without compromising your operation. 
Solutions to optimize the quality of your supply chain processes. Promote better control of your operation, avoiding problems that compromise your performance.

Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry

Sintel dedicates itself exclusively to the digital transformation of the Automotive Supply Chain.
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Business Value
Information Processing


"Continuous improvement of operating results"

-  Focus on competitiveness advantage 


SCM | Management


‘Simplify and standardize processes based on reliable information’

- Faster and assertive decisions

SCM | Process


"Concise information that feeds transactions"

- Plug & Play with 100% of market' ERPs

ERP/SAP | Integration


"To meet market standards without changing the standards set by your organization"

- More than 150 supported patterns

EDI | Transformation


"Unique and reliable channel for exchanging files with partners." 

- Time-to-Market

EDI | Comunication
KPI - Results

Disponibilidade 24/7

Sintel Juntos

Global Attendance and Monitoring 24x7


Automotive Supply Chain Leverage

Proven leading role in leveraging performance on the Global Automotive Supply Chain.


+ 60,000
Companies integrated in our Global Platform
7 out of 10
Top global suppliers are Sintel’s customers
30 years
dedicated to the automotive sector
of the Automotive Supply Chain in South America information is managed by Sintel
+ 50
OEM’s projects in 2016


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Sintel actively participates in events related to the Global Automotive Supply Chain.

Sintel in Odette 2017
Berlin - Germany

Sintel is one of the sponsors of the "Odette Conference", which this year brings the theme "Transforming the Digital Supply Chain". The event will analyses information technology as the key to leveraging the capabilities of the Automotive Supply Chain. AGC Glass Europe will introduce how it has adopted an innovative EDI model, using Sintel solutions that ensure adherence to business requirements, minimizing operational incidents and reducing TCO.

Sintel at Autodata Seminar of Automotive Purchases
WTC - São Paulo - Brazil

The new negotiation parameters that the companies will have to compliance with in the current moment of the Brazilian automotive sector are in the agenda of the Autodata Seminar of Automotive Purchases. Sintel CEO Carlos Wagner dos Santos is one of the confirmed executives for the Technology for Service of Competitiveness panel that will address the importance of technology in building more lean organizations. 

Global Presence